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Avax Saving is a High-Yield Investment Program deployed on Avalanche Network, committed to generate sustain passive income for investors.
The audited contract was designed to run for an extended period of time and is not reversible. The team doesn’t have access to any part of the contract, and cannot take out any funds from the contract.
Stake AVAX to earn AVAX
– It is free for you to stake your AVAX in our program, but the minimum stake is 0.1 AVAX.
– Rewards will begin to generate immediately, and can be claimed at any time.
– 3 different staking plans (10 days / 15 days / 20 days).
— 10 days: 18% daily rewards, total 180% return
— 15 days: 15.5% daily rewards, total 232.5% return
— 20 days: 13% daily rewards, total 260% return
As an example, if you staked 10 AVAX over a period of 10 days, you will earn 1 * 18% = 1.8 AVAX everyday, and your total profit will be 1 * 18% * 10 = 18 AVAX after 10 days.
Funding Structure
On each new stake, the contract will distribute the funds for below purposes.
– 90% send to the pool directly
– 7% hold as reserve funds
– 2% for marketing and giveaway
– 1% to the team
And there has no fees on claiming, what you earn is what you see.
Referral Program
We offers incentives for people who promote the project, in return for referring others to the project, you can earn a bonus for each investment your referee makes.
– 7% from level 1 referral
– 3% from level 2 referral
– 1% from level 3 referral
It is important to note that you must invest at least once before participating in the referral program.

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