A Meme Expert is Being Hired by President Biden’s Campaign Staff

The chosen applicant will be in charge of “engaging the top content and meme pages on the internet.”

Seemingly trying to appeal to Generation Z voters, US President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign team is seeking a meme expert.

The winning candidate would be tasked with starting and overseeing “day-to-day operations in engaging the internet’s top content and meme pages,” according to the job posting for a “Partner Manager” by the Biden for President (BFP) campaign.

Indeed claims that Biden’s team will pay their meme manager in Wilmington, Delaware between $65,000 and $85,000 annually, which is marginally more than the national average for salary for digital marketers.

The primary responsibility of the Biden meme master, as per the job description, would be to oversee connections with podcasters, digital media firms, and “meme pages across a number of social media platforms.”

The Biden crew has experience making memes. Early in 2022, his campaign adopted the “Dark Brandon” laser eyes meme in an effort to portray the 81-year-old as technologically adept.

Seth Meyers questioned Joe Biden on the Dark Brandon meme during his Late Night segment in February. “I resent the hell out of it,” he retorted, putting on a pair of black aviators.

In April, during the White House Correspondents’ Association annual dinner, Biden once more put on the sunglasses and made reference to his image, drawing applause from the crowd.

This seems to be the president of the United States’ most senior attempt to court a younger electorate.

After 2024 presidential hopeful Donald Trump advocated for cryptocurrency, many Democrats also appear to have changed their minds about it in an effort to win over more voters.

On the opposing side of politics, Trump is accustomed to memes. After being processed for his fourth indictment in Fulton County Jail in Georgia in August 2023, his mugshot became viral.

Seizing the chance, his campaign staff began selling T-shirts, mugs, and other items using the image almost once. In December 2023, they also unveiled a series of nonfungible tokens called “MugShot.”

The MAGA memecoin with a Trump motif gained momentum in early May following the former president’s pro-crypto remarks.

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