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Coinbase Will List Kishu Inu Coin??!!

Today’s video is about Kishu inu coin. Many people want coinbase to list kishu inu because the obvious reason is that if coinbase lists it, kishu’s price will have a huge pump. The listing will help kishu to reach millions of crypto investors in the US and many people will get to know about kishu inu crypto’s economics. Kishu inu price prediction, for now, is looking bullish because there are many reasons one of it is that it wants to transform the shiba inu dog similar coins market there are many coins similar coins like UnderDog (DOG), Floki Inu (FLOKI), Husky Coin (HUSKY), Doge Token (DOGET), (LEASH), DogeFi (DOGEFI), Luffy inu, Tenshi, saitama inu, hokkaidu inu, Ichigo Inu, akita inu, asuna inu, mononoke inu, mini kishu, keisuke inu, kuma inu, nano shiba inu, oda inu, etc because there are many rug pulls, bad projects, scams, etc so kishu inu wants to transform this cryptocurrency market and want to make it a better place for investors. So yeah today’s news update was that coinbase might list kishu inu. And if you have any latest updates about or any similar crypto share with us in the comments. And also many people are asking that how to buy kishu inu so ill suggest that there are many good tutorials on youtube you can watch them. Thanks for watching.

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