Crypto Staking: Halal or Haram?

Day Trading: Halal or Haram?Crypto Staking: Halal or Haram?

Crypto Staking involves locking up your cryptocurrency for a period of time in return for a reward that is typically paid to you in the cryptocurrency itself.

What is Crypto Staking and is it halal or haram to earn money from Crypto Staking?
Does crypto staking involve riba?
Does crypto staking involve gambling?
Isn’t crypto staking allowing the rich to get richer?
Is Crypto Staking Halal or Haram?
In this video, I attempt to answer these questions.

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Does staking involve riba?
From what I described staking involves committing money and hoping to get your money back with a return. While this may sound like riba to many, it is not sufficient. After all, committing money and hoping to get your money back with a return is at the core of every financial investment you can think of. Riba is present in a loan of money wherein the lender has the expectation of benefitting from their loan. In Islam, the only permissible loan of money is that which is done as charity.

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Disclaimer: Anything you hear in this video is an opinion. It is not to be considered personalized financial advice. Make sure you do your own due diligence before making any investment decisions.

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