How Jeremy Ryan Became The World’s Biggest NFT Artist on the BNB Chain

As more people familiarize themselves with NFTs and what they are, more artists have come on board. According to IntoTheBlock, there are more than 80,000 NFT collections, and this massive growth is not expected to stop anytime soon. NFTs started out as a form of digital art mainly used for entertainment purposes, but this has been changing.  Now, utility NFTs are taking over the space as they offer privileges, rights, or rewards to holders.

That being said, Jeremy Ryan, also known as NFT Demon, has become the biggest NFT artist on the BNB Chain in terms of minted NFTs, collections created, and fully minted collections with 10,000 pieces or more. He has created six incredibly successful collections, including Cartel Punks, Bad Ass Doggos, and Gaming Shiba, and is now working on his latest one, Super Gremlin.

Jeremy’s success, however, was not exactly overnight. Jeremy was diagnosed with brain cancer and zero chances of surviving. His battle against cancer ended up being a medical miracle and not only did he survive, but his life and passions took a complete turn. Before his diagnosis, Jeremy was never into art and had no artistic abilities. However, according to science and due to the nature of neuroplasticity, he was able to develop a passion for art that led to creating unique digital art.

Jeremy is now known as NFT Demon and, as his name implies, creating NFTs has become his latest passion. After just one month in the space, he became the biggest NFT artist on the BNB chain. His work has extended to millions of people, including famous rapper Eminem who owns NFTs from three of his collections

Many could say that Jeremy’s success stems from his unique style of art that resonates with many artists inside and outside the NFT world. Thousands of collections exist across multiple chains, which is why standing out and differentiating themselves in such a saturated market is of extreme importance. Jeremy made sure to do this in an appealing and relatable way by making his NFTs not only attention-grabbing but also by adding utility to his NFTs. Holders of some of his collections have the opportunity to network and give back to charitable causes, which leads us to his latest collection.

NFT Demon will be launching his first NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain called Super Gremlin. This collection will focus on bringing awareness to cancer in the Web3 community and will donate a portion of the sales to Brain Cancer Awareness month. There will also be other benefits to those who hold their NFT for a period of time, such as exclusive access to special events in the metaverse and special NFT offers.

Jeremy Ryan is a prime example of how the most unexpected things can turn your life around and open unimaginable possibilities. He was told he had no possibility of surviving and now he is the world’s biggest NFT artist on the BNB Chain.