How to use Osmosis Zone to farm on Cosmos DeFi 1000%+ APY (ATOM & OSMO)

[COMPLETE GUIDE] How to Yield Farm on Cosmos #Defi with Osmosis 1000%

In this video, I show you how to set up a Keplr Wallet and start yield farming on Cosmos Defi.

1. Download the wallet here:

2. Load wallet with $ATOMS

3. Go to Osmosis to trade.

4. Go to Osmosis – Assets Page

5. Transfer Atoms from Keplr wallet to Cosmos IBC.

6. Find the pools you want to be involved with.

7. Trade and on the Osmosis DEX.

8. Load up LP Pairs

9. Click start earning & select a 1, 7 or 14 day bond.

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