Join the ECOMI co-founders for this Community update- May 29, 2021

Huge announcements have hit in the last week of May, and the ECOMI/VeVe co-founders Dan and David sit down with Rhys (comms manager) to discuss the ecosystem and development.

Topics covered:
00:30 – Scam warnings
01:00 -Business insight
05:02 -Buybacks
06:55 -Exchange update
10:38 -Collectible releases, sellouts, new users + stocking up the VeVe Store
14:46 -Returning OMI token utility + selling collectibles for OMI
18:30 -Cashing out Gems
21:10 -Web platform development
22:48 -VeVe teams up with Comic-Con + exclusive collectibles
26:35 -Ron English + Rabbit Grin sculpture preview
30:38 -How we choose a collectibles rarity
33:30 -Lessons from season 1
36:50 -Recent panels and interviews
40:02 -Moving to Immutable X
45:30 -New app developments and rollout
56:35 -Final words and what comes next

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#crypto #cryptoArt #collectibles