LOST in Blue(Global) V.1.71/ Don't Miss Your Chance To Get A Free Epic Mount.

A brand new event treasure digging gameplay.

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Version 1.71
1. Revamped the Firearm System. Come give this new gameplay system a try! Electromagnetic Rifle also becomes available!
2. Apex Arena officially goes Live! Gather your Camp members, and become the champion by defeating your opponents in a series of 1v1 matches!
1. Black Friday Sale, an unprecedented sale with heavy discount starting November 26th! Discounted deals with server-wide purchase limit refresh once every 8 hours!
2. Adventurer Assemble Event goes Live, with lots of rewards in this 7-themes special event.
3. Fortune Wheel is added to the game. Spin the wheel for a chance of getting the legendary Nightwings mount.
4. A new companion becomes available for recruit. Morpheus, the legendary blacksmith, is added to the Companion Recruit pool.
5. First-time Purchase Bonus is changed into: Companion Beo, Entry-Level Combat Skill x10, Super Grenade x10.
1. Dual Weapon system is available. Unlock your secondary weapon slot at lv18!
2. Adjusted Companion Exploration, so that every companion has an Exploration Bonus.
Preview for Upcoming Updates
Airport Region is coming soon!
The camp building stable is being improved
Optimization regarding the Apex Arena, Season Battlefield and Team Up function.