Mind Stone: Marvel NFT on VeVe – Flip, Grip, or Skip?

Flip, Grip, or Skip?

Will I flip, grip, or skip the upcoming VeVe NFT drop? on Saturday, October 8, 2022 at 8a PST: Marvel’s Mind Stone NFT

VeVe has hinted that collecting all 6 infinity stones will be rewarded. This is complete speculation but this mind stone is the 3rd infinity stone to release on the VeVe app so far. The other two were the space stone & time stone.

VeVe has experimented with NFTs having utility so it would not surprise me if they rewarded collectors of all 6 stones. Is this enough incentive to make this Marvel NFT worth purchasing?

Introducing… “Flip, Grip, or Skip!”

These will be short, 1-minute videos sharing my market strategy for the upcoming VeVe drop.

Will I participate in the VeVe drop? If I do & get the NFT, will I HODL or flip it in the VeVe after market?

This is not financial advice! I’m sharing my personal market strategy for the upcoming VeVe drop. I do, however, hope it’s helpful!


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