October 28, 2021


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20 thoughts on “Top Reason Why Cardano Is Undervalued | Banks Optimistic On ADA | Crypto News Today

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  2. Cardano is still number 3 even though the others have pumped. The fact is that other YouTubers are once again ignoring Cardano and I firmly believe that's the reason we haven't seen price action. YouTubers have too much influence over the decisions we make. The Grayscale statement was ignored by most of them.

  3. Cardano holders should sell their bags and buy Luna, which it's already working! We need projects on cardano, not reports!

  4. Cardano Ada is going to the moon. The fud is jealousy and potato head tribal YouTubers scared for their Ethereum or Eth al bags!!! They can only keep that up for so long as their BS gets found out! Ada to the moon πŸŒ™

  5. Cardano is overpriced in my opinion is cardano the Tesla of the cryptoworld everything is just build on dreams and Vision and sold by a good salesmen

  6. ADA is undervalued on its potential, I think. The academic nature of the build, Charles being a visionary/revolutionary or whatever you want to call him and being so methodical has made Cardano unstoppable and certainly a contender for #1. Slow and steady growth is healthy but I think we will get to a point where potential becomes reality and there'll be no denying that it is here to change the world. I think once we hit the Voltaire era and shi# gets real, then we will see its price appreciate exponentially.

  7. Hi, I do not think that Cardano will go up so much, like many think πŸ€” I am a cardano holder too. Cardano has all those greats projects, but does not produces that much effect on the markt yet. I can say that Cardano will go up to 3€ max unto the end of the year. My humble opinion.

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