October 28, 2021


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Why I'm Staking Tezos | Earn 5% Staking Reward with XTZ | Easy Gains

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Why I'm Staking Tezos | Earn 5% Staking Reward with XTZ | Easy Gains

Earning coins has never been easier! Earn 5% XTZ by staking Tezos on Coinbase:

Learn More About Tezos (XTZ):

Learn Blockchain to Become a Successful Consultant or Investor:


~~~ My Mining RIG ~~~
GPU – (8) GTX 1070 SC Black Edition:

CPU – Intel Celeron G4920 Processor:

RAM – (2) Patriot Viper Elite 4GB 2666MHz:

PSU – 1600w Mining Server Power Supply

MSI Crypto Mining Motherboard (H310-F PRO):

(8) Dr.Meter PCIe Riser + Cables:

Kingwin Miner Rig Case Frame:

(7) – SniperMod 12cm LED Fan:

(2) 4-Pin IDE to 4X 4-Pin Fan Connector:

PC Power On/Off Switch:

SATA Power Y Splitter Cable:

(8) – 8 pin Extension Cable:

How to Mine Eth with CudoMiner:

Tips Appreciated!!!
ETH – 0x4f6Cb155B513c6b917Beab345a01be235a2DB28E

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Start Mining Ethereum on your PC with CudoMiner & Get a FREE 0.00005 BTC:

Start Trading Crypto on Binance:

Join Robinhood and get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Facebook for free.

~ Download Trust Wallet FREE:

Sign up for Crypto.com and get $50:

Get Paid For Surfing the Web w/ CryptoTab Browser:


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18 thoughts on “Why I'm Staking Tezos | Earn 5% Staking Reward with XTZ | Easy Gains

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  2. Its the flagship of coinbase. Tezos is already huge. Average joe hasnt been informed like always. Always stake on a secure hard wallet

  3. hello,I'm new to mining and I was wondering if you could do a complete beginner guide on mining (I'm sure other people could find it VERY useful).Anyways,here is my BTC address bc1qk2m3pmhvrtxmz52d75q0f306d3y5rcqkasq69j Also the price at halving I think will be around 15000USD

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