10 Artists on Solana You Need to Know

Though Solana’s PFPs and meme coins have garnered most of the attention in the past, the revived blockchain is also home to a thriving art community.

Because it has lower entrance barriers than Ethereum, a distinct collector community, and small costs, Solana has become a popular minting venue for both established and up-and-coming artists. Leading Solana NFT markets Magic Eden and Tensor are primarily focused on dealers and collectors, respectively, but the emergence of sites such as Exchange has given 1/1 and editioned artworks a much-needed home.

High-profile artists who gained notoriety by minting Ethereum have released some noteworthy crossover releases on Solana. Two such artists are ThankYouX, whose “Xplore” piece sold for a record-breaking 751 SOL in March 2022, and Cath Simard, whose 1/1 work “Alone, not lonely” sold for 1300 SOL in June 2022 and made a comeback this month with her “Day 1” edition drop. The flourishing in-house art scene on the blockchain is finally receiving recognition thanks to the current focus on the Solana ecosystem. Here are just ten of the many creative creators that call the Solana space home, in case you’re just getting started.

John Lê

John Lê is an innovative illustrator and storyteller whose heartbreaking pastel works explore futuristic themes. He is best known for developing the popular “Giga” series for Vault Comics. With over $2.2 million in total volume, the artist who has sold the most on Exchange, the most recent Next Up recipient, is an ardent supporter of the Solana art community and has amassed a significant collection of his own.


One of Solana’s most recognizable 1/1 artists, Sleepr is an unknown artist from Brisbane, Australia. Having studied science in college, Sleeper uses this knowledge to create what he calls “superflat” artworks.

Sleepr made his Exchange debut with the appropriately called “Down the Rabbit Hole” in July 2022. Since then, he has become a regular minter on the platform. He was one of the Solana Foundation’s on-site artists-in-residence at Art Basel Miami Beach in December, where he produced live art to instantly acquaint guests with the ecosystem.

Degen Poet

Poetry is not limited to Solana; it has achieved remarkable success there as well. Self-described “typewriter artist,” Degen Poet has amassed approximately $1.9 million in sales volume from his particularly odd works. The prolific author offers a wide variety of series to pick from, ranging from simple typed poetry to imaginative takes on well-known Solana memes and projects like $BONK and Boogles.

Laura El

Laura El is a gifted illustrator from New York who was named one of our Next Up artists in October. Her effect in web3 has been mostly attributed to her love of linework and unique narrative.

El’s introduction to web3 began with Solana when friends exposed her to the blockchain. She has since sold around $260,000 worth of merchandise on Exchange. El remembers, “Solana captivated me with its community even before I tried the technology and made my first wallet.” I’d never encountered a more hospitable bunch of individuals. The extent to which artists supported one another astounded me.


Slimes, a 1/1 PFP project on Solana influenced by Xicano and Mexican history and mythology, was created under the moniker SCUM. Using the Slimes community as a forum, SCUM has supported fellow Solana artists through the Slimes Family Collection (SFC), amassing more than $550,000 in total volume.

Lisanne Haack

Lisanne Haack, who was born in Brazil and currently resides in Spain, creates a singularly captivating blend of media by combining digital elements with her abstract oil paintings. In December 2021, the 29-year-old artist created her first piece on Solana and was “amazed by the reception.” Since then, she has experimented with her craft in other series, selling over $233,000 in total sales volume, ranging from “Let’s get physical” to “melancholy in modern times.”

Archie Morley

Archie Morley, an Australian artist, is gaining popularity in Solana with his distinctive abstract expressionism style. Archie creates captivating collections like “Confined Conditions” and “Fragmented Expressions” that entice viewers into a world where feelings, ideas, and memories collide by fusing the media of painting, scanography, and digital manipulation.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of artists and musicians, such as Mac Miller, King Krule, and Jack Vanzet, Morley’s vibrant and avant-garde artwork serves as a medium for delving into his innermost thoughts and feelings, from complex anxiety to deeply ingrained emotions. More than $213,000 worth of sales have been made on Exchange thanks to Morley’s efforts.


Hyblinxx, a well-known artist on Solana with vivid, emotive artwork and fascinating characters, gained notoriety with their 1/1 series The Hoodlums and bright, colorful artwork. Their art frequently combines conventional and digital techniques to create beautiful landscapes and unique animals. Over $177,000 in sales volume on Exchange demonstrates Hyblinxx’s ability to create a welcoming community around their peculiar artistic vision.

Joyce Liu

The Solana area is infused with a joyful whimsy by Taiwanese American artist and designer Joyce Liu, who routinely releases both animated and still works showing adorable animals dressed in vivid colors.

Originally from Washington, she was a member of the art team for the well-known SOL project Claynosaurz. In the spring of 2023, she gave a speech at the Solana Hacker House in Taipei. Her artwork has sold for over $143,000 on Exchange, and among her collectors are well-known artists like Hyblinxx.

Mical Noelson

Mical Noelson, who was born in London and currently resides in Berlin, started minting artwork on the Tezos platform hic et nunc in 2021. In March 2022, he decided to join the Solana art community when a friend persuaded him to mint a 1/1 from his “Group Show” series. As he puts it, “paint, pencils, canvas, computer screens, and dirt” are among the many physical and digital media he uses to create his unique abstract artwork, which typically incorporates strong pinks and flesh tones. Noelson, a creator to watch, with more than $109,000 in total volume on Exchange.

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