Claim 888 Health Chain Token ($HTHC) Airdrop in Trustwallet

To claim 888 Health Chain Token ($HTHC) airdrop in your Trustwallet follow the listed steps below.

About Health Chain Token ($HTHC) Airdrop?

Name: Health Chain

Symbol: HTHC

Decimal: 18

Network: Ethereum (ERC 20)

Contract Address: 0x35e308668391daab398ffc0e60d13d65c7793fed

Claim Health Chain Token ($HTHC) airdrop with the steps below;

1. Click here to join the bot

2. Tap on submit details on the screen that pops up.

3. Perform $HTHC tasks by joining the groups as prompted by the bot.

4. Tap on done.

5. You will be requested to submit your Ethereum (ERC 20) address.

6. Open your Trust Wallet copy it and submit.

7. Now copy the $HTHC “Contract Address” in the bot, go to your trust wallet and add custom token click Done and you are credited instantly.

Still not clear?

Watch Video below

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