The Top Crypto Giveaways of 2024

Everyone enjoys a nice giveaway, since there’s nothing better than getting something for free. It can be difficult to locate the top cryptocurrency giveaways with worthwhile prizes, though. This article will cover a detailed explanation of the concepts of crypto giveaways, five of the top cryptocurrency giveaways, explain how they operate, and provide instructions on how to enter one of our favorite cryptocurrency prizes now running.

What is a Giveaway Crypto?

A “Giveaway Crypto” is a term used to describe a specific kind of cryptocurrency promotion or giveaway in which companies or people give away free tokens in exchange for their business. These freebies are frequently used to advertise a specific bitcoin project, raise awareness, and draw in new users.

A giveaway in the cryptocurrency world is just an occasion organized by a company in the industry with the intention of rewarding participants. Giveaways frequently have requirements that participants must quickly fulfill in order to be eligible to claim their reward.

Reviewing the Best Free Crypto Giveaways

We’ve included a wide range of cryptocurrency giveaways, each with various entry requirements and happening on a different platform, to appeal to a diverse spectrum of investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

AiDoge, is Hosting a Massive Giveaway of 50 Billion $AI tokens.

AiDoge tops the list of this year’s greatest cryptocurrency giveaways. Taking inspiration from sites like ChatGPT, AiDoge is a meme-to-earn platform that automates the process of creating memes. The initiative has been open about bringing more people’s attention to itself because it is utilizing AI-driven technology to enable this functionality.

Users can participate in a 50 billion $AI token airdrop planned by AiDoge as part of that marketing campaign by recommending AiDoge to their friends and followers. To get $AI tokens in this manner is a straightforward process. Those that participated in the presale can give their friends the referral code. The quantity of tokens that users win depends on how many were purchased using that referral code.

A $AI Token: What Is It?

An ERC-20 cryptocurrency asset known as an AI Token can be used to purchase credits for making memes in addition to serving as a reward token. This token can be used for further purposes.

  • Voting on the many issues pertaining to the AiDoge ecosystem; and staking, which is how users can gain APYs and other profitable benefits.
  • 500 billion of the token’s 1 trillion total supply were offered for the presale. Almost $15 million was raised by AiDoge during its presale round. On June 19, 2023, the token will now be published on cryptocurrency exchanges.

DeeLance is Hosting a $100k Giveaway

The $DLANCE token presale has begun on the Web 3 freelance marketplace and job marketplace DeeLance. Additionally, four lucky players will earn $100,000 in $DLANCE tokens as part of a giveaway being held by the DeeLance team. Each $DLANCE token is now available for purchase for just $0.038 USDT, however, on launch day, this price is expected to rise to $0.057 USDT.

This cutting-edge technology, which aims to revolutionize how freelancers and corporations interact in a decentralized setting, gives users complete control over their projects and the option to accept cryptocurrency payments. For independent contractors, DeeLance provides a number of tools, such as a job advertising platform, a metaverse, and an NFT marketplace.

The platform charges just 2% and 10% of transactions for enterprises and independent contractors, respectively.

Tamadoge: Giving Away $1 Million

Meme Coin (Tamadoge) is one of the greatest NFT games available at the moment and a play-to-earn (P2E) cryptocurrency initiative. It turns in-game items into tokens, which provide simple trading and verification. Because of its excellent concept and dedicated staff, the project has received high accolades from many cryptocurrency aficionados who consider it to be among the best crypto games available.

The Tamaverse, a specially created Metaverse environment, serves as the foundation for the Tamadoge game. Players can train NFT-based pets in this virtual realm. The player must engage with their pet and provide it food, toys, and cosmetics—all of which can be purchased from the in-game store—in order for it to level up.

Dogepoints are awarded to players whose pets have higher rankings. On the in-game leaderboard, a player’s position rises with their point total. People have a strong motivation to level up their pets because the players with the highest ratings will take home the largest portion of the rewards pool.

In perfect harmony with the leveling system, 5% of the money made through the in-game store is spent on burning. This implies that a player can increase their revenue by decreasing the overall supply of TAMA by enhancing their pets through store purchases.

The TAMA token was just published on the OKX centralized exchange (CEX) and the OKX DEX (for US residents) after one of the greatest presales of 2022 garnered $19 million. The group has started a $1 million tournament with 100,000 prizes up for grabs to honor this accomplishment. Simply sign up with OKX, trade TAMA/USDT, and finish a few social tasks to get $10 deposited straight into your cryptocurrency wallet.

Lucky Block

Lucky Block (LBLOCK), a cryptocurrency-powered platform designed to allow users an easy and fair method to participate in NFT-based competitions with enormous prizes, is next on our list of the top cryptocurrency giveaways.

Anyone can purchase an NFT from and enter a competition thanks to Lucky Block’s user-friendly platform. Every prize draw has a certain NFT associated with it, and each gift’s price and quantity available are based on the potential jackpot. Among the most thrilling rewards are a mansion, a fancy car, and $1 million in Bitcoin.

Every single day, Lucky Block NFT gives its owner the chance to earn free cryptocurrency rewards, even after a tournament has ended. This is a big plus because it guarantees that the collection will be worth something in the future instead of just being used to enter prize contests.

Apart from its sponsored tournaments, Lucky Block also extends its gratitude to its supporters by organizing complimentary cryptocurrency giveaways. With a $2,500 grand prize and fewer than 2,500 submissions in the most recent Lucky Block competition, players had a much larger chance of winning than in previous giveaways.


Binance, the largest centralized exchange in the world by volume, frequently sponsors some of the greatest cryptocurrency giveaways. It appears like Binance releases a new competition often every few days. These competitions can take many different forms, from online lottery-style games to crypto airdrops. It’s worthwhile to keep an eye on Binance’s social media because it hosts cryptocurrency giveaways rather frequently.

As we previously noted, Binance frequently holds free cryptocurrency giveaways. Users that order a Binance card are now rewarded by the exchange with a 5 BUSD gift. By utilizing the card for transactions, current cardholders can also receive a little incentive. What’s more, the tournament has the potential to be rather profitable because one lucky participant will receive a coupon good for a whole Bitcoin.

Since many investors already have an account with Binance, which is a preferred trading platform among cryptocurrency fans, there isn’t really a downside to participating in the prizes organized by the exchange.

How Crypto Giveaways Work?

The idea behind the greatest cryptocurrency giveaway is straightforward, but the requirements and possible rewards vary slightly from competition to competition. As a result, understanding how cryptocurrency giveaways operate can be a little challenging. Fortunately, understanding a subject becomes much simpler when it is presented in a clear and concise manner.

Rewarding customers for interacting with the brand on social media is one of the most popular methods for a cryptocurrency giveaway to operate. Since it’s typical for organizations in the cryptocurrency industry to wish to increase social engagement, both sides gain from these prize contests. Though there is a vast array of possible social activities that may be necessary, some of the more popular ones are liking a post or following an account.

Entering the finest cryptocurrency giveaway can also be achieved by participating in trading-related activities on a certain platform. Futures (leveraged) trading is the most often traded activity that an exchange will reward. However, draws based on trading are not exclusive to futures. Certain platforms will compensate users for staking or spot trading bitcoin.


A nice cryptocurrency giveaway is something everyone should enjoy. This post has covered how to engage in the greatest cryptocurrency giveaways, examined five of the most popular giveaways, and described how crypto giveaways work.


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