Darksiders Lifestone Shards Locations Drowned Pass

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This lifestone shard is in Drowned pass
In the water in the Drowned Pass, west of the two buildings, is a platform with a crystal switch on its side. If you hit the switch, the platform will rise out of the water. Swim to the south to find a path that leads up to it. Use the newly raised platform to jump the gap to the chest containing a Lifestone Shard.

Lifestone Shards are collectible objects featured in Darksiders, typically found in chests. Collecting four Lifstone Shards gives War one extra Lifestone.
Every four shards give War one full Lifestone. There are a total of 16 Lifestone Shards that can be acquired, with 14 to be found throughout the world and 2 that are received from Vulgrim in exchange for Artifacts.

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