July 20, 2024


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30 thoughts on “first heirloom shards from apex packs (reaction)

  1. just clarifying because i've had more than one person state that this isn't my first time receiving heirloom shards because i already had mirage's heirloom.

    the title of the video states that this is my first time receiving them from random apex packs. when mirage's heirloom first came out, i basically purchased it with real currency. so no, not my first heirloom. yes, my first time getting heirloom shards from an apex pack.

  2. My cousin got a heirloom at level 24 and omg his reaction was literally so priceless when he sent me the pic I was very happy and suprised asif I am the one who got it, his on level 80 now whenever we remember this we laugh I still never got a heirloom but it's not impossible to get one soon hopefully

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