Metamask Bridge Airdrop

MetaMask Launches Bridge Aggregator MetaMask Bridges

MetaMask Bridges (beta) aggregates the best routes with time, cost, and security considerations for a better bridging experience.

MetaMask launches bridge aggregator MetaMask Bridges. The official presentation stated that MetaMask Bridges can help users find the best routes to move their tokens from one chain to another.

This beta period will include zero MetaMask fees and we are exploring support for more EVM networks like Arbitrum and Optimism along with additional tokens in the future.

MetaMask Bridges is a bridge aggregator to help you find the best routes to move your tokens from one chain to another. Whether you’re being financially conscious or time efficient, you’ll find the best routing option in a few clicks. Simply click the “Portfolio site” link in your Extension’s home screen to get started, or head on over to in your MetaMask Mobile in-app browser.

Metamask just launched a brand new bridge feature (in beta).  This video explains the potential of the MASK token and 2 ways to become potentially eligible for a possible Metamask airdrop in the future.

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