MuesliSwap Completes Major Upgrade

MuesliSwap launched in November 2021, after the Alonzo hard fork brought smart contract support, but had limited features. With Vasil bringing the full range of smart contract features, MuesliSwap has performed a major upgrade.

On October 5th, the MuesliSwap team announced that it had successfully implemented Plutus v2 contracts and liquidity pools Vasil brought to the Cardano network. This is expected to make trading much more efficient.

This makes MuesliSwap the first DEX on Cardano with both Orderbook and Automated Market Maker (AMM) trading. Prior to Vasil, the DEX was based on the simple order book model. Trade cryptos directly on the Cardano blockchain. Noncustodial and powered by on-chain smart contracts.

CARDANO ADA – HUGE UPGRADE FOR CARDANO TRADING!!! This channel is for entertainment and informative purposes only …

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