Rare NFT Related Limited-Edition Jerseys Are Released by Man City and OKX.

A small quantity of Manchester City’s “Unseen City Shirts” NFTs are connected through an algorithm to actual, limited-edition jerseys with hand-painted artwork and experiences from matchdays.

Manchester City, a Premier League team, is introducing a new nonfungible token (NFT) collection that will give supporters the chance to win one of a few exclusive jerseys and matchday experiences.

The most recent initiative in a long-term collaboration with cryptocurrency exchange OKX is the “Unseen City Shirts” campaign. Depending on the NFT’s rarity, users can mint the digital collectibles on the OKX app, which also gives them a chance to win new, commemorative football clothes.

To discuss the specifics of the new campaign, Coinhirek had an exclusive conversation with Nuria Tarré, chief marketing and fan experience officer at Man City, and Haider Rafique, chief marketing officer of OKX Global.

Artist Christian Jeffery hand-painted graphics of the Manchester worker bee and the Lancashire rose are featured on the limited collection shirts.

According to Rafique, an algorithm is used to determine how rare the NFTs are. A play-on-pitch experience, two tickets to a Manchester City game, and a limited-edition City shirt are all available to the winner of five extremely uncommon NFTs.

A stadium tour, a hospitality pass, and a jersey with the design “The Roses and the Bees” are among the remaining five uncommon NFTs. On the OKX Marketplace, users of OKX can mint the NFTs for free.

According to Nuria, the Premier League team is using the NFT launch as a part of their effort to draw in viewers who are “more tech-savvy, open to new innovations and technology.” Another aspect that Man City wants to provide its supporters is digital ownership. Tarré clarified:

We believe it’s critical that you be able to digitally own this piece. One of Web3’s best features, in my opinion, is how it modifies the ownership process.
According to Man City’s chief marketing officer, the team will keep looking into Web3 possibilities through its collaboration with OKX as well as other channels. According to Tarré, the club actively tests new technologies in Web2 and metaverse contexts.

In late 2022, Man City descended into the realm of Roblox, with Tarré characterizing Web3 surroundings as the most advanced and captivating:

Both technology and applications are constantly changing. Layers of intricacy, creativity, and co-creation can be added. Without a doubt, we’re eager to investigate further.
Rafique has been a major force behind OKX’s well-known sports alliances with Formula 1 team McLaren and Manchester City in recent years. The exchange has been investigating various marketing strategies to reach these sports businesses’ fan audiences.

The OKX CMO clarified that the previous three years were devoted to establishing the groundwork for offering Web3 users and sports enthusiasts usefulness. The goal of starting with simple NFTs affixed to tangible products is to offer the foundation for expanding utility-based ecosystems. Rafique stated:

It’s not a lack of intention, in my opinion. I believe the issue is one of a lack of product and technological infrastructure, which will change as our collaboration and the industry develop.
OKX began its sponsorship relationship with Man City in March 2022 and expanded it the following year when it was named the official training kit partner of the team for the 2022–2023 campaign. In June 2023, OKX then finalized a new multiyear arrangement to become City’s official sleeve partner.

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