The Bosses of Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (N64) (Perfect – No Damage Run)

Buyable on – N64 and the Nintendo Switch Via the Online Expansion Pass.

Kirby 64 is one of the all time best Kirby games and you can play it right now on the Nintendo Switch if you got Online + the Expansion. This game has the best ability system out of any Kirby game and I really wish they would do it again! This game also has a visit to Earth…just not in the shape you would hope for. Also I am sure someone is gonna say I missed (3 bosses) but Waddle / Painter and Dedede are not bosses. So no.

These Boss videos are made for nostalgia in some cases but I make these hoping they help people out somewhat! Even if sometimes I may not do the best I can explain what I did wrong so you can hopefully avoid it! The star system you see at the start of each boss goes like this.

Gold – Perfect / No Hit Run. If a boss fight has unavoidable damage it’s still a perfect run as long as I don’t take any avoidable damage.

Silver – Still a great fight! I take damage but still consider myself to have done well…or just flashy and cool.

Bronze – Oops. I get an A for effort and prob end up explaining everything I did wrong, making fun of myself in the process.

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