Traders Make Almost $1 Mln Profit; What Will Happen To $JUP Next?

The native token of Jupiter Exchange, JUP, recently caused a stir in the cryptocurrency world on Friday by helping three traders make enormous gains in the larger market.

These traders were airdrop hunters who recently made over $1 million in the JUP airdrop, according to statistics made public by Look On Chain. Additionally, according to Solscan’s data, these hunters received an airdrop via 27,600 separate wallet addresses for 5.5 million JUP, or $3.6 million.

As of the time of publication, the JUP price was moving in the green, piqueing the interest of investors and traders following the recent days of extremely turbulent movement.


  • Three traders benefit from notable earnings made possible by Jupiter Airdrop.
  • The creator of Jupiter Exchange shares hopes for future advancements.
  • Since its launch, the JUP cryptocurrency has experienced significant volatility in trading.

Examining the Report in More Detail

The addresses 7poJrJn, 2rSAFYA, and DyyQ55ei earned the earnings listed above, according to the on-chain statistics. Global cryptocurrency market aficionados appear to have taken an interest in this, as the JUP price has fluctuated significantly since its launch.

Furthermore, Solscan’s data indicates that these hunters may still possess substantial JUP holdings. About this, the address 7poJrJn.. has 319K JUP, which is valued at $191,344, while the address 2rSAFYA.. has 884,601 JUP, which is valued at $530,606. Furthermore, DyyQ55ei… possesses an astounding 1.06 million JUP, which is equivalent to $640,853.

The community of Jupiter Exchange highlighted the recent success of the airdrop in the meanwhile. The group declared that it intends to enhance Jupiter’s ecosystem even more, promoting meta and feeding the Solana ecosystem.

Concurrently, the creator of the DEX expressed opinions about Jupiter’s impending initiatives to support the exchange in leading the DeFi space. The formation of a J.U.P. working group was one of many upcoming actions.

Jupiter seems to have made significant progress in the interim during the aforementioned issue, attracting attention with its listing on Binance, a well-known CEX. Furthermore, the creator of the project, who goes by the alias Meow, addressed concerns regarding the JUP token’s recent market volatility and strategic listings.

JUP Price Increases

The price of the Jupiter Exchange increased by 2.81% in the previous day as of the time of publication, and it is now sitting at $0.6201. Nevertheless, market trends provided by CoinMarketCap seem to indicate that the coin is quite volatile. Since its recent listing, its price has mainly fluctuated in the negative, leading to more implications for the token.


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