Trust Wallet Swap BNB to BUSD

Binance Coin, also called BNB for short, is a valuable cryptocurrency that relies on the Binance platform, making it a centralized token. In 2021, the company experienced an overload of users attempting to buy BNB, which led to a total suspension of withdrawals. Today, the issue is long gone, but you might want to transfer your BNB into a different wallet to use a decentralized platform.

Trust Wallet is the most widely used and easiest way to store Cryptocurrencies. This is a product of Binance Exchange and works on Binance Smart Chain. Many people looking for how to convert BUSD to smart chain in trust wallet or how to swap BNB to BUSD in Trust Wallet.

Actually, the Transaction of BNB BEP20 from Binance to Trust Wallet is completely free as compared to the BUSD BEP2 and BUSD ERC20 network. BUSD BEP2 charges $0.5 while the BUSD ERC20 network charges $25 for transferring funds from BNB to Trust Wallet.

For taking the advantage of free-of-cost transfer, we usually transfer BUSD BEP20 to the Trust Wallet. But while we try to convert BUSD to Smart Chain, we get an error and our transaction gets declined. It is due to insufficient BNB smart chain wallets.

How to Swap BUSD for BNB on Trust Wallet

While clicking on the DEX button and selecting the swap option, you will get some such kind of interface.

For swapping or converting BUSD to BNB, you have to keep BUSD on the upper side and BNB on the lower side. If you are getting these tokens on the opposite side, then use the arrow button to change it.

Note* BUSD should be above, and Smart Chain should be at the lower section.

Now select the amount you want to convert from BUSD to Smart Chain. You may select from 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%. Or you may select these by manual value.

After entering the BUSD amount, click on the swap button. Now it will ask for approval with reflecting the transaction amount. Approve the transaction and your BUSD will become Smart Chain.

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