Using Dynamic NFTs, this SocialFi Platform Improves User Experience and Gives Artists More Authority.

Social media is a great place for nonfungible tokens (NFTs) to grow. They have already had a big impact on blockchain gaming and digital art, but they also have the ability to revolutionize other areas of Web 3.

Through the use of a particular kind of NFT called dynamic NFTs, decentralized social media can captivate viewers and offer something different.

The term “dynamic NFTs” refers to tokens that are based on blockchain technology and have distinct IDs that can change over time in response to outside factors. The NFTs have the ability to be programmed to change when specific criteria are met. Specifically, they can hide “hidden traits” that become visible at particular times or in response to particular acts performed by users, opening up new possibilities for personalized experiences and interactive interaction.

Utilizing Dynamic NFTs

With the introduction of an upgraded collection, Pop Social, a blockchain-based SocialFi ecosystem, has embraced dynamic NFTs.

By democratizing content ownership and bolstering the creator economy, Pop Social hopes to welcome the next billion users to the Web3. The platform attempts to tackle the main issues raised by traditional social media sites that sell user data and give it to other parties. Pop Social solves concerns of inequality and privacy by giving consumers back control over their data through the use of NFTs and the underlying blockchain architecture.

Popbits are a distinctive line of NFTs that Pop Social recently introduced. Better user experience, equitable engagement, and a more robust NFT ecosystem were the goals behind the creation of the Genesis Popbits. Among the 1,000 dynamic Popbit NFTs in the Genesis NFT collection.

Future accessories are connected to Pop Social’s NFTs, which are dynamic and allow owners to add features to their NFTs. Pop Social expands the gamification of social interactions, increases user engagement, and gives devoted users an opportunity to earn more with the introduction of Accessory NFTs.

NFT Gathering with an Array of Tools

Although Pop Social users have a strong demand for Genesis NFTs, the NFT collection will be available to all whitelisted individuals first-come, first-served (FCFS) and includes a number of utilities:

  • PPT Earnings can be greatly increased by the owner simply holding a Popbit NFT. PPT is earned in proportion to the number of Pop NFTs held.
  • Early engagement badge: NFTs with badges for early engagement, indicating early use of the Pop Social platform, are part of the Genesis NFT collection.
  • Whitelisting: Early access to future NFT drops and collections is granted to Popbit NFT holders.
    Genesis NFT holders will also have first access to future accessory NFTs and Treasure Chests.
  • Priority access to accessory NFTs. This NFTs’ dynamic quality is attributed to this factor.
  • Membership in the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) of Pop Social is automatic for holders of Popbit NFT. This gives them the right to vote and influence future improvements for the DApp and ecosystem of Pop Social.
  • ┬áThose who possess Popbit NFT will have first dibs on Pop Social’s distinctive products. In order to show their commitment to the Pop community, users can purchase limited edition goods.

The first Genesis NFT collection was introduced with the Popbits. While minting a Popbit is easy for anyone, getting access to the Accessory NFTs to increase PPT revenues requires a bit more work. A chance to claim an Accessory NFT is one in four for users of the newest Pop DApp feature, Treasure Chests.

Users who open a Treasure Chest will receive a random prize from a pool of possible rewards, which includes tangible goods with different levels of exclusivity, whitelist places for future NFT releases, PPT giveaways, and accessory NFTs with different rarities. On the platform, Rare Accessory NFTs are more likely to increase PPT earnings.

Pop Social chose to build its ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain in order to guarantee the smooth accessibility and interoperability of Popbit tokens. The well-established user base, strong support for NFT trading, and vast user base of Ethereum were the driving forces for this choice. Pop Social allows Popbit tokens to be easily exchanged on secondary markets like OKX, Blur, and OpenSea by utilizing Ethereum’s unique advantages.

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