Will Bonk and KangaMoon, the Meme Giants, See More Xs Than An Avalanche?

Bonk (BONK) and KangaMoon (KANG) are generating buzz in the DeFi industry right now. Although BONK may be well-known to you, KANG is a brand-new project that is about to go into presale and has the potential to be the next 35x meme coin in 2024. Will they produce more Xs than Avalanche (AVAX), though, given its current status? Let’s investigate.

The Creative Memecoin KangaMoon (KANG)

The market valuation for memecoins is already $19.84 billion, according to CoinCodex, and KangaMoon (KANG) wants to make a big splash when it enters this market. This DeFi initiative will do this by launching a memecoin called KANG, which is driven by the community.

The foundation of the player-versus-player game KangaMoon, in which you take control of a kangaroo and engage in combat with other players, will be this coin. The game’s utility token, KANG, enables users to make purchases and character upgrades.

The presale for KangaMoon, where you can purchase the KANG token at a reduced price, is about to begin. The initial cost will be $0.005. Analysts believe it will have significant growth potential in the long run because it will penetrate both the gaming and meme industries. Before the presale concludes and after it goes live on exchanges in Q2 of 2024, they predict a 22x increase in value.

Arslan Ali Has a Positive Bonk Price Forecast

In the meantime, another meme coin that has been generating news is called Bonk (BONK). Notably, Arslan Ali, a crypto analyst, predicted the price of Bonk to rise. In line with his tweet, the double top pattern resistance at $0.00001213 is a turning point for BONK’s current pivot.

The 50 EMA is valued at $0.00001123, and the cryptocurrency’s RSI is at 54. This bearish trend has the potential to become positive if broken. With a market valuation of $690M and $742M, the price of Bonk has fluctuated between $0.000010 and $0.000011 during the past seven days.

These factors lead market analysts to believe that before February 2024 concludes, the Bonk meme coin will soar to $0.00001250.

Avalanche Prices Rise Following the Release of Vryx

Avalanche cryptocurrency has recently seen positive trade activity. It has increased in value from $31.47 to $35.10 just in the past week. Its market capitalization has also increased from $11.54 billion to $12.83 billion in that period.

The price spike for Avalanche can be ascribed to Vryx’s recent release. According to Patrick O’Grady, vice president of platform engineering at Ava Labs, this advancement will assist in bringing Avalanche up to 100k TPS.

Market analysts have predicted a bullish price for Avalanche as a result. They predict that this altcoin might potentially pump to $37.87 in the first quarter of 2024.

Is KangaMoon Able to Rise Quicker Than Avalanche and Bonk?

With only a $5 million market capitalization, KangaMoon has significant development potential. As a result, KANG has an advantage over Bonk and Avalanche. To be clear, KANG would require less fresh funding in order for its value to soar. As a result, KANG is becoming the next popular memecoin to watch.


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