The “Ideal Time” to Invest in Cryptocurrencies is This Summer, According to Arthur Hayes

According to the co-founder of BitMEX, now is the perfect time to buy cryptocurrency before macroeconomic conditions lead to the next leg up in the bull market.

The coming months will present a great chance to accumulate cryptocurrency before the next leg up of the bull market begins, predicts co-founder of BitMEX Arthur Hayes.

Referring to the current rangebound market, Hayes told Cointelegraph in an exclusive interview that “this is the perfect opportunity to do so for those people who have fiat and extra cash that want to allocate to crypto.”

Hayes predicts that later this year, inflationary monetary policies will be the primary driver of the price increase of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.

Between now and, say, the following 18 to 24 months, major economies worldwide will print even more money, according to Hayes’ prediction.

Hayes predicts that the forthcoming US presidential election will be a bullish trigger for cryptocurrencies because it will put pressure on the financial authorities to loosen monetary policy—possibly in an effort to help President Joe Biden win reelection.

Previous instances of monetary growth have resulted in rallies in the cryptocurrency market.

According to Hayes, “it’s very easy to control the purse of the government by printing money, borrowing it, and giving it out to people in various forms.”

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