The Voice Penetrates the Metaverse, as Virtual Coaches Band Together.

In its first metaverse gamified experience, The Voice allows fans to score exclusive experiences, win NFTs for correctly predicting the live event, and coach singers on virtual stages.

In a brand-new metaverse experience that blends virtual reality and the popular singing competition show The Voice, fans can now feel the excitement of mentoring their very own star.

The Virtual Brand Group (VBG) and ITV Studios, the show’s production company, announced a collaboration with the decentralized game platform developer The Sandbox on May 8th to introduce “The Voice Coach Battle.”

With this metaverse experience, viewers can coach potential stars and take on the role of a celebrity coach in one of the show’s recognizable red chairs. The game reacts to the virtual coach’s decisions, simulating the actual show’s processes.

Apart from being a gamified rendition of the popular program, the metaverse experience also invites viewers to participate in the 25th season of NBC’s The Voice directly from the game.

Nonfungible tokens (NFTs), which they will receive each week if they accurately guess which candidates will move on to the next round and, eventually, who will win the program, are used as incentives for plays.

In addition to having the chance to witness a live recording of the show in one of five nations where it airs, participants in the NFT-driven competition may also win the chance to connect the real and virtual worlds.

Speaking with Cointelegraph, Justin Hochberg, CEO of Virtual Brand Group, stated that events such as “The Voice Coach Battle” and the current moment are paving the way for “television’s transformation:”

“The average gamer today is 34 years old, which is nearly two decades younger than the audience for broadcast TV.”
Hochberg went on, “Social gaming platforms have given content a chance to reach the elusive youth demographic, which will increase a TV format’s value globally by extending its lifespan.”

He made the argument that Web3 interactive social games and the metaverse are “tailored” to fit the consumption habits of a generation that was raised on social media and the creator economy.

“Audience members can now take part in and even contribute to shows.”
According to Hochberg, “all the top global series” will start to provide a concurrent, real-time gamified experience that is interwoven with the actual, live presentation in less than a year.

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